About Us

Airport Taxi Cab Palo Alto is often acknowledged as one of the stand-out success stories of taxi industry in Palo Alto.


Originally operating from house of a suburban house in Palo Alto in 2006, the company has grown to be one of the largest of Pal Alto's taxi firms. Our introduction of environmentally conscious hybrid-powered vehicles, our GPS dispatch system and our automated online booking  have put First Direct at the forefront of Palo Alto airport taxis.

Here to Help

The willingness of Airport Taxis people to go the extra mile for our customers has earned us unparalleled customer loyalty. From corporate clients to students, we are the automatic choice for a large proportion of the Palo Alto taxi-using public.


When you call for a Pal Alto taxi, you know that our modern vehicles and trained drivers are your assurance of safety. And at the end of your journey, you will find that our tariffs are among the most affordable in Palo Alto. There is no price surge. And No high end charges in game day as companies like UBER, LYFT does! Our cab drivers are fully insured, commercially licensed and background verified. 

Fast Response Time

Get quickest taxi dispatched to your location from Airport Taxi Cab Palo Alto. Our taxi drivers park at Sheraton Hotel in the city of Palo Alto and come to pick you up with in 15 minutes. Our taxi cab pick you up within 15 minutes in the city. We also take advance reservations for airport taxis. Airport Taxi Cab Palo Alto has the most experienced taxi drivers with the impeccable knowledge of the city.

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